Feburary 20 2014

Aladdin pilot system ready for testing before shipment.

The Company will be making qualification test runs on the Aladdin system at the vendor's plant within the next three weeks. This system allows the Company to perform detailed system and component evaluation studies and will allow for bulk testing and client demonstrations of the technology while training Company personnel for future commercial operations.

*No Harmful Chemicals *Higher Yields *Less Expensive *Faster Production *Less Water Usage *Less Electricity*

* Traditional gold mining costs approximately $1100-$1200 per oz......The HABER GOLD PROCESS....approximately $500 per oz

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November 14th 2013

November 14th 2013


The Company is pleased to announce the establishment of a joint venture with Oppenheimer Enterprises LLC to develop EMP protocols. Dr. Les Oppenheimer had worked closely with Norman Haber during the initial development of EMP. He was the chief scientist instrumental in the development of the protocols presented in publication for The National Academy of Sciences Paper (vol.79 no.2, 1982) which presented Norman's Electromolecular Propulsion as a distinctly different process from it's classical counterparts. The Paper was sponsored by Nobel Prize recipient and noted biochemist and geneticist Rollin Hotchkiss. Among the Novel attributes of EMP is the speed of molecular separation unparalleled by current technologies. These EMP qualities remain to this day relevant in the separation sciences.

The purpose of the JV will be to develop "benign" reagents to be used in proteomics to separate clinically significant molecules within a few minutes. Having benign reagents will be advantageous in the handling and permitting commercialization of the process.Haber Inc. will have the patent rights to all technology developed and Oppenheimer Industries will be entitled to a percentage of the total profits derived thereof.

Work is currently being conducted at the Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey.

Feburary 20 2014

Aladdin pilot system ready for testing before shipment.

The Company will be making qualification test runs on the Aladdin system at the vendor's plant within the next three weeks. This system allows the Company to perform detailed system and component evaluation studies and will allow for bulk testing and client demonstrations of the technology while training Company personnel for future commercial operations.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Peru's dangerous environmental regression

As gold, copper, natural gas and a host of other resources are extracted for export, Peruvians are left to deal with the contamination of the environment and attendant health consequences such as mercury poisoning and diseases resulting from polluted rivers and water sources. In some cases, this leads to the displacement of communities as they seek less toxic territory. Unfortunately, it’s far from the only risk they face.

Prospectors move in on illegal gold mining operation

Illegal miners swamped the area, creating widespread destruction of roads and forests and have left the area heavily polluted.
The danger of tunnels collapsing when it rains has added to the havoc.
The illegal mining has polluted water resources in the area and destroyed forest and the environment.
Da Nang city authorities have now ordered the city's military command and relevant agencies to set up control in the area from this week.

Mexican mining company lied on spill: government

Mexico's environment secretary Juan Jose Guerra Abud has confirmed that Grupo Mexico (BMV:GMEXICOB) gave false information about a massive toxic spill at its Buenavista mine, located just about 40 km from the U.S. border.
The announcement, La Jornada reports (in Spanish), comes only a day after the authority said it would file a criminal complaint against the miner.
In a press release on Aug. 12 (in Spanish), the company claimed the caused of the accident was an "unusual rainfall" and that it proceeded to build a retaining wall to prevent the 40,000 cubic meters (10 million gallons) spill from spreading as soon as it detected the toxic leak.

Locals tested for toxic metals

Volunteer doctors, health activists and environmentalists yesterday travelled to Phichit to gather first-hand information about health problems of villagers living near gold mines in tambon Khao Jed Luk... in Thap Khlo district. They were assigned by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) after a group of villagers on June 27 travelled to Bangkok to submit a letter calling on the junta to help...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fighting gold fever in the Amazon: SLIDE SHOW

Workers dredge for gold in an illegal mining pit in the La Pampa region of Madre de Dios of the Peruvian Amazon. After years of turning a blind eye to nearly 40,000 illegal miners in the Madre de Dios region, Peruvian officials have begun military action to curb further environmental damage.

Traditional Mining: Poverty Alleviation vs. Environment Pollution

The miners active in the traditional mining are estimated at about a million in addition to accompanying marginal jobs and services, a situation which resulted in the rise of new and odd behavior alien to the local communities. Moreover, this phenomenon had remarkable economic, environmental and security impacts which reflect directly or indirectly on the local communities, particularly the passive effects resulting from the unwise use of chemicals ( mercury and cyanide) in the mining operations as those substances flow in the valleys, water-streams and ground-water, directly affecting both people and animals.

Northern BC Mine Suspended as Experts Probe Polley Spill

The potential impacts listed in the EAO's assessment report included the possible seepage of tailings water from the tailings pond into surface and groundwater, as well as pollution from the planned discharge of treated effluent into Morrison Lake.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Will Zimbabwe’s next generation have potable water?

Meanwhile, environmental expert Shepherd Zvigadza of the Zimbabwe Regional Environment Organisation said effluent disposal from gold mines is characterised by raised levels of toxic heavy metals, especially sodium of cyanide  and silver mercury.
Zvigadza said the availability of toxic metals in effluent water is not only associated with ground and surface water contamination, but is also responsible for the degradation of aquatic environments, animal species as well as death and infection of human beings.
He said the challenge of mining effluent can only be reduced through capacity building and adoption of environmental friendly technologies for small scale miners, adding that the country’s blueprint, ZimAsset, also seeks to promote investment in water resources.

Bennett unveils 2 plans sparked by Mount Polley

The second planned action involves independent third-party dam safety inspections, based on the potential impact to the surrounding area should a dam fail, for every tailings pond at all permitted mines in the province, the minister said.
“It is a very serious incident, it is a disaster,” Bennett said, referring to Mount Polley. “People in B.C. need to know we can mine in this province safely.”
The catastrophic failure August 4 of the tailings pond wall at Imperial Metals's (TSX:III) Mount Polley copper and gold mine near the community of Likely released 10 billion litres of water and 4.5 million cubic metres of metals-laden fine sand, contaminating several lakes, rivers and creeks in the Cariboo region.

Peru fights gold fever with fire and military force

While the damage from illegal mining may not be deforesting the Amazon as fast as cattle ranching and agriculture elsewhere have, the destruction is multiplied by the miners’ poisonous little companion: liquid mercury.
They dump it on the sediments they collect to bond with the gold, then vaporize the mercury with torches. It is not a precise industrial process.
So toxic is liquid mercury that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends calling a hazardous waste specialist if a spill is larger than a broken thermometer. Exposure can cause neurological damage, birth defects, infertility and other health nightmares.

Mining Spill Near U.S. Border Closes 88 Schools, Leaves Thousands Of Mexicans Without Water

So far the company has denied rumors that the wastewater included trace amounts of cyanide believed to have been used in the copper mining at Buenavista. However last week a different mine in northern Mexico spilled over a half million gallons of a cyanide solution used in gold mining, contaminating less than a square mile. Both spills have been at least partially attributed to heavy rains in the area that taxed the overflow ponds’ capacities.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Teaching in French Guiana

Each year, an estimated 6 tons of gold is illegally mined and smuggled out of French Guiana by  illegal aliens from Brazil, Suriname and (former British) Guyana. Organized into gangs and networks, these heavily-armed criminals cut down trees in the middle of the rain forest to mine gold, creating a wasteland of erosion and pollution where vegetation can no longer grow. Worse, the illegal miners use large quantities of mercury to help them find gold by amalgamation. The mercury runs into the rivers, poisoning the waters and intoxicating the wildlife. The Native Indians (especially the Wayana tribe) are the most heavily impacted by these outlaws-- malformations, miscarriages, nerve damage, and mental retardation are killing their people.