Feburary 20 2014

Aladdin pilot system ready for testing before shipment.

The Company will be making qualification test runs on the Aladdin system at the vendor's plant within the next three weeks. This system allows the Company to perform detailed system and component evaluation studies and will allow for bulk testing and client demonstrations of the technology while training Company personnel for future commercial operations.

Haber qualities

*No Harmful Chemicals *Higher Yields *Less Expensive *Faster Production *Less Water Usage *Less Electricity*

* Traditional gold mining costs approximately $1100-$1200 per oz......The HABER GOLD PROCESS....approximately $500 per oz

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Haber enters $50 million dollar deal

October 16, 2014

Haber, Inc. Enters into a $50 Million Dollar Joint Venture Agreement with Rosewood of Northern California


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Global Mining Legislation


Small Scale Artisanal Gold Mining


Gold Mining Cyanide, Mercury Pollution


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mercury Not Identified In Mining Article On Pebble Mine

However, the article omits another potential  threat – mercury pollution. Mercury could enter the waterways if the mines employ the common practice of using mercury to extract gold. The mercury could pass into the fish, which would offer a conduit into people and wildlife. Mercury is a potent neurotoxin that is especially dangerous to the developing brains of fetuses and children.

Rising Gold Prices Bring Rampant Clearing Of Peruvian Amazon

The spread of illegal gold mining in southern Peru has driven a growth in deforestation so rampant that government officials may declare an environmental emergency, according to a news report.