Feburary 20 2014

Aladdin pilot system ready for testing before shipment.

The Company will be making qualification test runs on the Aladdin system at the vendor's plant within the next three weeks. This system allows the Company to perform detailed system and component evaluation studies and will allow for bulk testing and client demonstrations of the technology while training Company personnel for future commercial operations.

Haber qualities

*No Harmful Chemicals *Higher Yields *Less Expensive *Faster Production *Less Water Usage *Less Electricity*

* Traditional gold mining costs approximately $1100-$1200 per oz......The HABER GOLD PROCESS....approximately $500 per oz

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Haber enters $50 million dollar deal

October 16, 2014

Haber, Inc. Enters into a $50 Million Dollar Joint Venture Agreement with Rosewood of Northern California


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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

With Eye On Illegal Mining, Colombia Creates Environmental Crime Office

The main development to look out for is how much time the prosecutorial office actually spends working on cases related to unlicensed mining. The Colombian government cracked down on the practice in 2011, citing security concerns because many unlicensed mines pay extortion taxes to the FARC. Mining activists have argued that the government is trying to edge out traditional mining to encourage the entry of multinational companies. 

Journalist heckled By Newmont Staff

The dead fishes were being loaded into the company's vehicle apparent to be sent to the mass burial site, where they had already buried large quantities of the dead fishes the previous days.

Ghana: GJNMOG Demands Probe Into The Mysterious Death Of Fishes In Subri River Dam

The company initially started defending its action by accusing the residents in the area of chemical fishing but later Newmont accepted its fault, however, downplayed the magnitude of the cyanide spillage.
However, the company, after EPA’s investigations, was found guilty and subsequently fined a penalty of 7 million Ghana cedis, which the company paid to the government, a year after the spillage and also provided alternative source of water to the communities.

Africa: UNEP's Year In Review 2011 - July To December

Representatives from 120 governments gathered at the headquarters of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Nairobi for negotiations towards a global treaty on mercury. The third of five sessions of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC3) addressed the release of mercury into the environment from energy production and industrial processes and the use of mercury in small-scale gold mining, consumer goods and its presence in hazardous wastes, among other issues.

Gold Threatens Slice Of Amazon & Crowdfunding Saves Another

Primitive methods to extract the precious metal, of which an estimated 35 metric tons is being dumped every year into the region’s streams, rivers and the jungle.
Since roughly one fifth of Peru’s annual total of 175 metric tons of gold is produced there, it’s no wonder that recent efforts by Puerto Maldonado local officials to halt illegal mining have been met with violence.

Spaceship Earth: A New View Of Environmentalism

Spaceship Earth enters 2012 belching smoke, overheating and burning through fuel at a frightening rate. It’s feeling pretty crowded, and the crew is mutinous. No one’s at the helm.

Africa Shows Great Potential in Mining Industry (Cyanide Problems)

There are other issues due to the gold mining Africa. One by the most important problems is exposure to pollution. Sodium cyanide used to extract the gold are drinking water contaminated causes water and the killing of people, animals and wildlife in her leaky. The damage are during the rainy season when near the mining overflows waste from dams in the nearby streams.

A Poisonous Mix: Child Labor, Mercury & Artisanal Gold Mining in Mali

Human Rights Watch report on children involved in mining gold by hand using mercury to bind the gold

Newmont Investigates Cause Of Dead Fishes In Water Storage Facility

In October 2009, WACAM accused Newmont of a similar incident, which killed many fish in the Subri River.
“It is worrying that Newmont employed every conceivable means including scientific dishonesty and misinformation to avoid taking responsibility for the consequences of the cyanide spillage,” Mr Koranteng said

Peru: Protests Against Gold Mine Continue

"I'm sure the population will keep defending its water resources," said Cajamarca state Gov. Gregorio Santos to the Associated Press, who has helped lead the protests.
Though Newmont spokesman Omar Jabara has told the press that environmental checks have already been cleared, protesters are asking the government to get involved and conduct new studies on the implications of the project.

Mine Dumps’ ‘Toxic Threat’

The use of contaminated material and mine residues in construction has also been identified as a means of dispersal of radioactive material into the environment.

“Tailings dams (containing toxic mining residue) must be vegetated and seepage of water from tailings dams must be controlled to prevent the pollution of ground and surface water. Contaminated soil must be removed and replaced with uncontaminated soil,” says Liefferink.

The Department of Water and Environmental Affairs would investigate and promised to respond in due course.